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What You Should Consider Regarding Air Conditioning Installation in Brisbane

Air conditioning is an excellent addition to your home, office, or restaurant. It prevents that heat-induced lethargy we all experience during the summer months, thereby improving our overall productivity and enjoyment of life. This short article lists several aspects that you should consider when contemplating air conditioning installation in Brisbane.

How to Choose an AC Installation Contractor

The importance of choosing the right installation contractor will determine the overall enjoyment of the air conditioning in your home or office during the hot summer months. An incorrectly installed unit consumes electricity for very little return in cool air. Follow these quick guidelines for choosing the right installer of your AC unit:

  • Product familiarity. There are many brands of AC units on the market, and although the basic operation might be the same, each may be different in the specifics. Quality is a significant factor and determines the lifespan of the unit. Choose an AC installer who is familiar with the brand you wish to install. This step ensures the installation is done correctly and all components are optimally placed inside and outside the building.

  • Neatness. A poorly-installed AC unit will soon malfunction and require costly repairs. Always make sure that the aircon installer has a natural disposition for neat workmanship. You can determine this by first checking references and recommendations by your friends and co-workers. Also, take a close look at the installation guy and his vehicle when he arrives for the preliminary inspection and quote. Go with your gut feelings.

  • Quote. A good electrician will always come to inspect the premises before the aircon installation and advise where they’ll install it to determine any potential snags. The good guy will also provide you with a detailed quote for the installation, itemising everything down to extra brackets and screws for secure mounting the central AC unit, and will stand by this quote.

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Maintenance of Your Split System Air Conditioner Installation in Brisbane

We cannot emphasise the importance of regularly cleaning your air conditioners enough. A system lacking regular maintenance will not perform as expected and will eventually fail. The irony is that it is straightforward to clean and maintain an adequately installed aircon system, as no special equipment is necessary for the job. Just make sure to switch off the unit at the mains before commencing the work.

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  • Consistency. Most manufacturers recommend a yearly cleaning cycle for most air conditioning units. If you live in an area where dust or moisture is well above average, a shorter interval between maintenance sessions might be required to keep the unit working at optimal performance.

  • Filters. The filters keep the air clean. Remove and wash the dust filter carefully according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, and replace it according to the schedule stipulated in the maintenance guide. Some models have a bacteria filter, and this also requires regular cleaning or replacement.

  • Dust. It’s advisable to clean accumulated dust from the fins of the fans, and you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust from all over the unit. The drain lines should be disconnected and flushed with the recommended pressurised flush kit.

Ensure that everything, especially the washed filters, is completely dry before assembling the AC unit. Switch on the aircon and run it at maximum power, cooling for at least 20 minutes to drain out all the gunk loosened during the cleaning process.

Why Use an Electrician for Aircon Installation in Brisbane

The installation of an AC unit will require electrical wires to be either installed or replaced. The power requirements of an aircon also often necessitate changes to the main switch box. In Queensland, a qualified electrician must carry out all electrical work, including the wiring necessary for air conditioning installation in Brisbane.


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