Brendale Electrician

We Provide a Trusted Brendale Electrician For Your Home or Business

Keeping your lights on and your plugs working makes for happier families at home and more productive employees at the office. Village Electrical and Communications is a leading Brendale electrician. We provide a wide range of electrical and data services for commercial and residential properties. Our team can upgrade your home or business, perform wiring repairs, and make the electrics work for you.

More About Our Residential Electrical Services

We help you as a homeowner get the most out of your existing electrical infrastructure or upgrade old electrics with our range of services below:

  • Single-phase and three-phase power installation. A single-phase power supply uses two wires - a neutral and an active wire - to connect your home to the power grid. Three-phase uses one or two additional wires to triple the amount of power supplied to your home. We can install three-phase electricity for larger homes that need more voltage.

  • House rewiring. Rewiring your home is an investment in your property and reduces the risk of an electrical fire in older homes with frayed or deteriorated wiring. You may need to rewire your home if you notice frequent blown fuses, dim or flickering lights, discoloured plugs, buzzing sounds, or a burning smell.

  • Fault finding. If your safety switch (RCD) trips often and you can’t find the faulty appliance causing the nuisance trip, our electrician in Brendale can help you uncover the problem. We use electrical meters to test the power supply to various plug points and determine how to stop the switch from tripping.


Use Our Commercial Electrical Services to Revamp Your Business

Having working electrics is crucial to a productive business. Our electrician in Brendale can help your shop, restaurant, or office running smoothly with the following electrical services:

Home office power point overload.jpg
  • Complete data installations. We design and install complete data cabling systems for offices and data centres. Data cabling connects the devices in your office, such as wi-fi routers, computers, and security cameras, to the internet. Installing data cables offers you faster connection speed and higher bandwidth.

  • New fit-outs and refurbs. We work with you as a business owner to design electrical systems that complement your interior design. We have extensive experience installing modern light fixtures, energy-saving options, and wiring for restaurant kitchens. We can assist with electrical checks to ensure you leave your property in good condition as a tenant.

  • Emergency lighting. We install emergency lighting systems for commercial customers to help your staff through unexpected power outages. We often install Nexus emergency and evacuation lighting systems to allow for remote monitoring and testing.

Trust Village Electrical and Communications as Your Electrician

Village Electrical and Communications is a trusted electrician in Brendale. We are committed to providing reliable electrical services to get your home or business running at its best. Our friendly team of qualified electricians are highly trained and experienced, and we offer a satisfaction guarantee to all our loyal customers. Contact us for more information.