Emergency Lighting

Make Sure Your Business Has All the Emergency Lighting it Needs

Emergency lighting is essential for any building with multiple exits. During an emergency, you want everyone in the building to know precisely where to go, and these lights help them do it. Our team can help you install these lights and provide a range of other services as emergency electricians. Choose Village Electrical and Communications today and always have a reliable electrician available.

Services You Can Expect From Us When You Need an Electrical Contractor

We believe that you should know what we can do for you before giving us a call because we don’t like wasting anyone’s time. Consider some of the services we provide and why these can be crucial to any home:

  • We can provide emergency lighting installation for your office. These lights are necessary to guide people out of the building in case of an emergency. Whether you need to fit new lights to regulations or need to repair your current emergency lights, we can help.

  • We can provide a range of residential services. Whether you want us to install a new power point, smoke alarms, or even LED strips, we can help. We are open to assisting with an extensive range of services, so all you need to do is give us a call and ask our professionals to help you with your current problem.

  • We can provide commercial electrical services for your business. The requirements of companies are often of a much larger scale when it comes to electrical work. Luckily, our team has all the necessary experience to handle jobs of any size. We’ll make sure anything from complete data installations to your RCD testing goes smoothly.

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Tips for Getting More Value From Our Electrical Services

While we will manage the bulk of the job, there are a few things you can do for us to help make our job a little easier and the repairs a little more effective. Consider the following tips that will help you get more value from our services:

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  • Don’t always assume it’s a wiring fault. In many cases, faulty appliances can disrupt your home’s electricity, causing power failures and more. Start with unplugging suspect appliances and see if you still experience the same problems.

  • Provide us with clear information on the problem when you call. When you identify the problem before we arrive, we make sure we’re 110% prepared for the job. This extra bit of preparedness helps us finish the job faster, which means we’re out of the way sooner.

  • Try to clear the area where we will need to work. If you know we need to fix something in your kitchen; please try to move anything that might get in the way out of the kitchen. This assistance helps us work faster.

What You Stand to Gain from Our Team’s Electrician Services

Identifying and fixing electrical faults in your home or business can be tedious if you don’t have the necessary experience. We can help you find the sources of problems and fix them at the root. With reliable electricians contractor in Brisbane, you save time and money because we do everything correctly the first time.


Call us now if you need assistance with your electrical systems in your home or business.