Network Cabling Installation

Accurate Network Cabling Installation in Brisbane

It is just as important to have data network cabling accurately installed as with standard electrical wiring of residential and commercial premises. The best option is to contact a qualified electrician in Brisbane for the network cabling installation, as we'll explain in more detail in this brief article.

The Benefits of a Data Cable Installation

People often reason that the only data cabling required is from the interconnection point with the National Broadband Network to the access point inside the home or office, and from there, Wi-Fi is automatic. The reality is indeed quite different, yet most people don't realise the actual cause of their frustrations when the busy cycle just rotates.

  • The reality is that the data throughput of Wi-Fi is substantially less than a wired network and typically decreases as more devices are added and connected to the router. This problem becomes noticeable when some household members are streaming TV shows, and others are engaged in online gaming duels. A wired network with quality switches will almost eliminate stuttering and lagging, especially when the data cabler has installed the best topology.

  • Wi-Fi in the home is very susceptible to dead spots and weak signal strengths that significantly affect data throughput for devices. Putting a little thought into the location of the network patch socket in each room will potentially eliminate this problem and provide full-speed network access for all devices. Short-range Wi-Fi routers can be distributed throughout the house for mobile devices to access the network.

  • Security remains a considerable concern when using Wi-Fi in the home and office. Even though the data is encrypted, it remains readable by anyone within range. A wired network provides a physical layer of security, as an intruding device must be plugged into the network to inject malicious code into the data packets.


Why Use a Lighting Electrician for Data Cabling?

It may seem strange to make use of a qualified electrician to install network cabling in your home, office or workshop. Yet when one delves a bit deeper into the intricacies of electrical wiring and data cabling, you instantly see that it makes perfect sense that an electrician must do the work.

  • Legislation stipulates that only qualified and licensed electrical companies and electricians may do electrical work, including any minor rewiring in the home. This fact becomes important for several reasons when installing data cabling. The first is that networking devices like switches also require power, so provision must be made for electrical outlets to be available near where the devices will be placed. This prevents dangerous piggybacking at wall power points.

  • The second reason for using an electrician for data cabling is that electrical wires and data cables must always be kept apart. Otherwise, the data cabling suffers from inductive interference that dramatically reduces the throughput due to corrupt data packets. This requirement may then dictate the possible rewiring of existing electrical wires, such as light fixtures or the AC unit.

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